Hardcore Medical & Ambulance Services Ltd. is proudly registered with the Care Quality Commission Registration number


Check our latest CQC information at the CQC website HERE

We are registered for the following Regulated Activities;

Transport services, triage and medical advice provided remotely

This allows us to provide ambulance and other vehicle transport for people requiring transfer to hospitals, urgent care centres or other definitive care.

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
This allows us to provide high levels of treatment to people at events without the need to transport people to hospital. This is a far higher level of care than basic first aid.

Implications of using a non CQC Registered service.

  • By not using a CQC registered ambulance provider, you could be breaking the law!

  • There is no requirement for a medical provider to be registered to bring an ambulance onto your event site and treat patients in it. But the minute that patient needs to be transported to hospital, your provider MUST BE CQC REGISTERED!!!!

  • Don't be duped by providers saying they'll provide an ambulance only to find out that they have to dial 999 when one of your customers needs transport to hospital!

  • The CQC exists to ensure high levels of care to the public by companies providing regulated activities. If a company is not CQC registered, your event ambulance could be staffed by someone with a one day first aid certificate, not a professional. 

  • The CQC actively encourages the reporting of unregistered providers so they can take swift action.

  • If in the process of searching for medical and ambulance cover for your event, you stumble across an ambulance or medical provider that is unregistered (By law a CQC registered company has to display their rating, much like a Food Hygiene rating!), then please report it to the CQC via http://www.cqc.org.uk/content/report-unregistered-service . This ensures that the 'cowboys' of the industry are clamped down on and your paying customers health, safety and welfare aren't put at risk.

  • The below screen shot is from The Purple Guide and puts the onus on you, the event organiser to carry out due diligence when appointing a medical provider...