The Hardcore Medical & Ambulance Services Ltd team is made up of a number of different people from all walks of life!!
Our directorate team is made up of Rich the Operations Director and Emma who takes on the Clinical Director role. 

  Operations Team

Operations Director - Rich 

Rich started Hardcore Medical way back 

in 2010. Starting off essentially with just

a few pieces of equipment and a defibrillator Rich built the company up to the success story that it is now! 

  Clinical Team

Clinical Director - Emma

Emma is a qualified Emergency Nurse and our

Clinical Director. She heads up the clinical

aspects and training requirements for the


Team Leaders - Brad, Jay and Jules

These three chaps are some of our Team Leaders who act as medical team managers at our events. It is very important to Hardcore Medical & Ambulance Services Ltd that a rigid command structure is in place at events to be able to manage all incidents from the cuts and bruises up to the more serious incidents.

Logistics Manager - Andy

Andy is our go-to guy for all things logistics, he manages our stores and also directs setup at events.
Andy is also one of our Team Leaders at events.

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Medical Officer - Uhna 

Uhna is our Medical Officer with direct responsibility for Clinical Governance along with Emma. She assists with Standard Operating Procedures and Medicines Management amongst other things. 
Uhna also sits on the Clinical Sub Committee &

attends many events.

Clinical Supervisor (Nurses) - Stacey

As well as being a clinical supervisor responsible for the Nurses within the company, Stacey is a Nurse herself. 

Stacey assists the clinical team with policies and training as well as supporting the teams deployed to events.

Clinical Supervisor (Doctors) - Palbha

Palbha is one of a number of Doctors

within the team. Along with attending

events, Palbha is part of the

Clinical Sub Committee that writes

the ClinicalGovernance and associated


Pharmacist - Alex                       

Alex is an essential part of the team ensuring that all the medications and associated procedures and polices are all in line with the correct regulations and legislation.
When Alex isn't working on the Clinical Sub Committee along with the others, she's out in a field helping cover events!